A challenge to the course of MS902

  • Category: App
  • For: IMECC Mathematics Institute, UNICAMP
  • Project date: 2021
  • Project URL: Site in Heroku | GitHub

Obtains news related to Stock Exchange assets

During my degree course I apply to course: Topics in Data Science Applied to Business, which aimed to develop knowledge of mathematics in corporate environments and soft skills for Data Science.

In the course, I learned about control and data manipulation, visualization and presentation of results, and model building, in addition to the main tools used in the area of such as VBA, Python and Pandas, Databricks, and in the end it was the challenge of building an application that would obtain news related to assets of the Stock Exchange.

We built two applications in Python, one responsible for get these news through the XML method provided by the main news sites and another web interface capable of standardizing and organizing these news for the end user, who could follow news related to only one specific asset.

Technologies used: Python, Pandas, Numpy, Flask, XML, SQL, Databricks, MySQL.